Free Books – Two Key Books in Pauline Studies

I love the fact that Logos gives out a free book each month. But sometimes those books are hit or miss. This month though, its definitely a hit. They are giving away an awesome book on Pauline Studies and they are throwing in a game-changing book for dirt cheap . The first book – theContinue reading “Free Books – Two Key Books in Pauline Studies”

Book Review – Justification Reconsidered by Stephen Westerholm

Of making many books [on Paul] there is no end, and much study [of Pauline theology] wearies the body. – Ecclesiastes 12:12 Woznicki Paraphrase Stephen Westerholm, Justification Reconsidered – Rethinking a Pauline Theme, Eerdmans, 2013, 104pp. I am currently thinking about two books on Paul, the first book is about 1700 pages long and theContinue reading “Book Review – Justification Reconsidered by Stephen Westerholm”