Heaven and New Creation

So on Wednesday of this week I was asked by our High School pastor if I have ever preached on heaven. I thought about it for less then 1/10th of a second and said “No I have not. Why?” He let me know that they were wrapping up a series on Revelation and they unexpectedlyContinue reading “Heaven and New Creation”


Single or In a Relationship?

So over at at Soma we are in the middle of a sermon series titled “Relationship Status: Its Complicated.” As the title implies its a series on relationships. I’m up this week, after Brandon did a great job talking about Christ centered friendships its my turn to bring the word on singleness. There is anContinue reading “Single or In a Relationship?”

The Challenge of Acts 2:42-47 (pt. 2)

So yesterday I mentioned some of the challenges of preaching out of Acts 2:42-47 (which should be incredibly easy… but its not). The reason I wrote the blog yesterday was because I was sitting at my local Starbucks, STUCK, not knowing where to take the sermon. So what I did was I stopped and prayed.Continue reading “The Challenge of Acts 2:42-47 (pt. 2)”

The Challenge of Acts 2:42-47 (pt. 1)

The Challenge So this week I was given the task of preaching on Acts 2:42-47, what the NIV calls “The Fellowship of the Believers.” Normally being given this text to preach is every preacher’s dream. Its so easy! You just preach about community and how to do church! To a certain extent I can resonateContinue reading “The Challenge of Acts 2:42-47 (pt. 1)”