Why We Won’t Need the Government Anymore (Maybe)

Anarchy – the government is unnecessary, undesirable, or harmful. On one end of the spectrum of anarchism you have some people who hold that the government is a necessary evil, on the other end of the spectrum you have those who believe that the government is an unnecessary evil that we need to eliminate asContinue reading “Why We Won’t Need the Government Anymore (Maybe)”

Why Belief in the Resurrection Matters

In doing some reading today I cam across a brilliant passage by N.T. Wright about why belief in resurrection matters… How does believing in the future resurrection lead to getting on with the work in the present? Quite straightforwardly. The point of the resurrection, as Paul has been arguing throughout the letter is that theContinue reading “Why Belief in the Resurrection Matters”

New Creation and the Glory of God

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. -Habakkuk 2:14 This is God’s intention for his creation. The earth was created to be, a place that displays all of God’s glory. This verse expresses the culmination of all of history. “Heaven” isn’tContinue reading “New Creation and the Glory of God”

Heaven and New Creation

So on Wednesday of this week I was asked by our High School pastor if I have ever preached on heaven. I thought about it for less then 1/10th of a second and said “No I have not. Why?” He let me know that they were wrapping up a series on Revelation and they unexpectedlyContinue reading “Heaven and New Creation”

St. Augustine Encourages You to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution…

I’m sticking with the New Year’s Resolution theme this week, so its fitting that I talk to you about weight loss. Weight loss probably is at the top of most people’s New Year’s resolutions, so if you resolved to lose weight this year you are not alone! I was watching the Today show this morningContinue reading “St. Augustine Encourages You to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution…”