Some Reflections on PhD Life Before Comps, Plus Some Advice

I just entered the third year of my PhD studies. The last three years have been a time of academic, vocational, and ministerial transition. Since I started the program at Fuller Seminary the focus of my studies has not changed significantly. I am still doing research on the same kinds of topics: atonement, Jonathan Edwards,Continue reading “Some Reflections on PhD Life Before Comps, Plus Some Advice”


I’ve Decided Where I’m Doing My PhD

Although both schools are fantastic, I have finally decided where I will be doing my PhD. I will be going to…. Fuller Theological Seminary! Although St. Andrews has a lot of things going for it: 1) amazing Faculty (Torrance, Webster, Holmes, N.T. Wright), 2) awesome visiting fellows (Rae, Evans, van Inwagen), and 3) the factContinue reading “I’ve Decided Where I’m Doing My PhD”

I’m Doing a PhD!

So in the last 2 days I got some HUGE news… I have been accepted into both Fuller Seminary and the University of St. Andrews for their newly formed programs in Analytic Theology. Both schools received very large grants from the Templeton Foundation in order to see how Analytic Theology may help us make senseContinue reading “I’m Doing a PhD!”

Mark Dever on the PhD and the Pulpit: “On Having a Doctorate in the Pastorate”

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Should a pastor have a PhD? Is it helpful? Is it necessary? Mark Dever spoke on the assigned topic: “Why a PhD is Needed in the Pulpit” (mp3) but changed the title to “On Having a Doctorate in the Pastorate.” I outlined his…