I’ve Decided Where I’m Doing My PhD

Although both schools are fantastic, I have finally decided where I will be doing my PhD. I will be going to….

Fuller Theological Seminary!

Although St. Andrews has a lot of things going for it: 1) amazing Faculty (Torrance, Webster, Holmes, N.T. Wright), 2) awesome visiting fellows (Rae, Evans, van Inwagen), and 3) the fact that its Scotland (scotch, the highlands, golf, monarchy) – I have decided that the best place for me and my family is right here in Pasadena.


Here at Fuller I’ll be able to be a part of a top notch team that is trying to make a case for Analytic Theology.

Prayer, Love, and Human Nature: Analytic Theology for Theological Formation is a multi-million dollar initiative funded by the John Templeton Foundation at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. We are a team of theologians working on deepening and thickening out Analytic Theology, as well as applying it to the practice of Christian churches.

The team is a top-notch team. Led by Oliver Crisp, it includes two post-docs (Jordan Wessling and James Arcadi), an administrator and a 2 PhD Students (one of which is me!).

Here in L.A. I will have access to may resources, including UCLA, USC, and Biola. All of which are top-notch resources for philosophy and theology.

I will be able to continue serving in my current ministry.

I will be close to family, and my family will not have to move.

I will be in the city I love – LA!

I will be able to focus on my studies instead of having to worry about how I’m going to support a family in a foreign country. (I.e. Fuller offered a living stipend whereas St. Andrews did not).

I will be able to focus more on publishing articles.

Most importantly, its where I feel the Lord was calling us to stay.

So having said that…. I will be at Fuller for the next 3-4 years!




Published by cwoznicki

Chris Woznicki is an Assistant Adjunct Professor of Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. He works as the regional training associate for the Los Angeles region of Young Life.

One thought on “I’ve Decided Where I’m Doing My PhD

  1. Congratulations and enjoy it. May the Lord use you for His glory. You forgot to mention you will get more sun light in California in one day than the light you could get in Scotland in one year. Blessings

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