On the Vices and Virtues of Analytic Theology

Oliver Crisp describes some of the vices and virtues of analytic theology: In many ways, analytic theology is a return to more classical analytical sensibilities that have governed Christian theology for much of its history in scholasticism, as well as the work of key thinkers from St. Augustine and St. Anselm of Canterbury to JonathanContinue reading “On the Vices and Virtues of Analytic Theology”

Good Friday – The Mystery of the Cross

The cross is a mystery. In some sense we know what the Cross is all about, but in another sense T.F. Torrance is right when says that β€œthe innermost mystery of atonement remains mystery: it cannot be spelled out, and it cannot be spied out.” What God has done for us on the cross cannotContinue reading “Good Friday – The Mystery of the Cross”