Good Friday (Thomas Aquinas)

Aquinas on the Death of Christ: 1. To make our redemption complete. For, although any suffering of Christ had an infinite value, because of its union with His divinity, it was not by no matter which of His sufferings that the redemption of mankind was made complete, but only by His death. So the HolyContinue reading “Good Friday (Thomas Aquinas)”

Jesus Must Taste Death

In the words of Donald Macleod: But above all, Jesus must “taste” death” not simply die, but taste it (Heb 2:9). This is why he took a long time dying, and this is why he had to die unanesthetized. He had to walk, as his people do, through the valley of the shadow of death,Continue reading “Jesus Must Taste Death”

Good Friday – The Mystery of the Cross

The cross is a mystery. In some sense we know what the Cross is all about, but in another sense T.F. Torrance is right when says that β€œthe innermost mystery of atonement remains mystery: it cannot be spelled out, and it cannot be spied out.” What God has done for us on the cross cannotContinue reading “Good Friday – The Mystery of the Cross”

Responsibility and Atonement (Pt. 1)

It’s Easter Weekend! Its the time of year we Christians celebrate Christ’s atoning work for us on the cross and his ressurection, which we participate in through baptism into Christ. In light of the fact that it is easter weekend I will be blogging on Richard Swinburne’s Responsibility and Atonement this easter weekend. I hopeContinue reading “Responsibility and Atonement (Pt. 1)”