Johnny Mac on Developing Leaders

Now – if you know me, you know that I am not John MacArthur’s biggest fan. (Surprise surprise!) However, this short video by him about leadership development is so good, I can’t help but share it. MacArthur is absolutely right, strong churches will have a huge influence for God in this world, but strong churchesContinue reading “Johnny Mac on Developing Leaders”

Strong and Weak

Strong or weak? Which would you rather be? The answer seems like a no brainer – DUH – strong of course! Andy Crouch, author of the classic book Culture Making, says that if we want to truly flourish (and if we want to be effective leaders) we must embrace both. We must be Strong andContinue reading “Strong and Weak”

Jim Collins – Seven Questions: Beyond Good to Great – GLS15

Jim Collins – THE Jim Collins – asks us 7 questions that help us move from “Good to Great” and beyond great. 1-What Cause do you serve with Level 5 Ambition? The essence of leadership is service – service to people/cause Ambition channeled outwards to a cause/something bigger/more important than we are Level 4 leadersContinue reading “Jim Collins – Seven Questions: Beyond Good to Great – GLS15”

Building “Teams that Thrive”

I’m not going to lie to you… I really don’t enjoy reading on organizational leadership. I have a really hard time making my way through them. I would rather read a dense theology book any day. So for most of my career in ministry I have avoided leadership books like the plague – only readingContinue reading “Building “Teams that Thrive””

5 Essentials of Discipleship

If you were going to start discipling a 21 year old college student, which five things would you aim for? Probably something about identity in Christ, service, understanding the bible, understanding the need to evangelize, how to pray, and other things along those lines right? Well let me suggest 5 different things… I would loveContinue reading “5 Essentials of Discipleship”

DiscipleShift – High School & College Coaching

In his book Discipleshift Jim Putman uses a sport illustration to explain two distinct approaches to discipling people. Even though its directed at pastors its true of any ministry position, whether you are a movement leader, lead pastor, small group leader, or apprentice. Check out what he has to say: “The problem is that churchContinue reading “DiscipleShift – High School & College Coaching”