Summer – The Pursuit & Presence…

Summer is such a chill time, sleeping in – beach days – lazy nights, and in a few months – the fall rush will start all over again. The reality however is that we only get 20-25 years of our life when we get a “summer off” – the rest of life is fast paced,Continue reading “Summer – The Pursuit & Presence…”

Working Out and Being on Mission

I’m not one of those guys. Yes I played sports in High School. Yes I loved sports. Yes I spent all of my free time at the gym…. I worked HARD at football b/c I didn’t have as much natural talent as some other guys. I worked HARD at soccer b/c I wasn’t as fastContinue reading “Working Out and Being on Mission”

Book Review – Small Faith; Great God by N.T. Wright

I went back and looked at my old “blogspot” the other day. I found this review I wrote about N.T. Wright’s book “Small Faith; Great God.” So today I present to you a really old book review! N.T. Wright’s book is actually the second edition of a very old book of his. It is composedContinue reading “Book Review – Small Faith; Great God by N.T. Wright”

Top Seven Books of 2012

The year has come to an end and its time to do what bloggers do… write a “Top x Books of the Year” list. I have read a ton of books this year. Over 130 which means that I read more than 2 books per week. CRAZY! However as I looked at those books mostContinue reading “Top Seven Books of 2012”