Communities on Mission to our Neighborhoods (Pt. 3)

Last time we talked a bit about how the Church can model & display really community within neighborhoods, thus through good deeds showing the reality of God’s Kingdom. When the church does this neighborhoods, campuses, communities begin to see what community is supposed to look like; when they begin to see this the soil becomesContinue reading “Communities on Mission to our Neighborhoods (Pt. 3)”

Four Types of Small Groups

For Christmas 2010 my girlfriend Amelia gave me a book on small groups called Missional Small Groups. In one of the Chapters the author (Scott Boren) tells the story of four different small groups. Each one of these small groups represents various models that have been created for small groups. I thought it was very interestingContinue reading “Four Types of Small Groups”

How is a Missional Community Different from a Bible Study?

The following is an article from Matt Carter. Its found in the Verge 2013 Booklet: _________________________________ HOW IS A MISSIONAL COMMUNITY DIFFERENT FROM A BIBLE STUDY? – Matt Carter FROM COMMUNITY GROUPS TO MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES Before, we had what was called community groups. The idea behind community groups was that they were these little smallContinue reading “How is a Missional Community Different from a Bible Study?”

Communion and Commission Celebrating the Lord’s Supper

Below is a resource I use at the beginning of each quarter of Lifegroups, letting leaders know why we celebrate communion and how we celebrate communion at Soma. If this is helpful take it and pass it on, use it for your own community groups! Commission _______________________________ Welcome to Life Group: Communion For week oneContinue reading “Communion and Commission Celebrating the Lord’s Supper”