This Paycheck’s Book Purchases (February 7th)

I am married now and I am still reading books! Its a wonderful surprise that I really didn’t expect. I guess this blog series didn’t die out…. Anyway, here are this paycheck’s book purchases, you might notice there is a little bit of everything (ministry, philosophy, history): Flesh: Bringing the Incarnation Down to Earth byContinue reading “This Paycheck’s Book Purchases (February 7th)”

I Think I Broke It… My Goal For Reading This Year

One of my friends set a goal for himself in 2012, to read 40 books. When I heard he beat it I thought “woah thats a great goal to have, I bet I could beat it.” So I set out to beat his 40 and read 50 books this year. Lets just say I brokeContinue reading “I Think I Broke It… My Goal For Reading This Year”

Mushy Brains, Dry Brains

It sounds like the title of story book for hungry little zombie children. Don’t worry though its not, I haven’t broken the ground on the genre just yet. Mushy Brains, Dry Brains, is actually how I feel after reading certain books. The other day I was talking to a friend who teaches at Eternity BibleContinue reading “Mushy Brains, Dry Brains”