Best New Testament Academic Books of 2014 (Gupta)

Every once in a while I decide its worth it to re-blog somebody else’s blog post. This is one of those times. I decided to do it primarily because I loved a lot of the books that Gupta mentioned (Thinking Through Paul, Jesus Against the Scribal Elite, Galatians and Christian Theology, and of course Reading Backwards) – and really because I won’t get as specific as he did in Biblical Studies categories. (I will just have a general Biblical Studies group in my Top 7 books of 2014.)

Crux Sola

oscar_book-trophyWell, it’s that time of the year when we look back on 2014 and proclaim the best academic New Testament books of the year! To be honest, I did not review as many books in 2014 as I have in previous years – mostly due to a cross-country move and a new job. But I think it worthwhile to have a short list.

Best Textbook

Bruce Longenecker and Todd Still, Thinking through Paul (Zondervan) – a textbook written by model interpreters, each complementing the other’s expertise.

Honorable mention goes to my colleague Paul Anderson for his textbook From Crisis to Christ (Abingdon).

Best Jesus/Gospels Book

Michael Bird, Gospel of the Lord (Eerdmans) – a fine textbook, I learned much from it and I even quoted it in class!

Honorable mention goes to Chris Keith, Jesus Against the Scribal Elite (Baker).

Best Paul Book

Galatians and Christian Theology (Baker). An excellent collection…

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