The – Not So Tempting – Temptations of St. Anthony

No one in the entirety of Europe from the years 1200-1750 had any idea what temptation, or torsos, were. I just came across this hilarious piece of religious-art history. You NEED to look at the whole thing, but here are a few highlights… Just to get this out of the way, I am aware thatContinue reading “The – Not So Tempting – Temptations of St. Anthony”

What Lent is Really About

Lent….its that Catholic thing where you punish yourself by not eating chocolate. I grew up in a mixed household, my Dad was Roman Catholic and my Mom grew up Presbyterian but eventually became a charismatic evangelical (notice I didn’t say pentecostal). Although my Dad was Roman Catholic, his Catholicism had very little effect upon theContinue reading “What Lent is Really About”