Shepherding God’s Flock

Towards the end of 2014 I spent some time praying, asking God what areas of growth he wanted me to focus on in 2015. Two areas that came up were 1) Preaching and 2) Shepherding. God wanted me to work on my preaching and communication skills and God wanted me to grow in having aContinue reading “Shepherding God’s Flock”


Should I focus on Discipleship or Evangelism?

This seems to be the perennial question for most leaders, especially those who are trying to be missional – where should I spend the majority of my time and energy? Should I focus on discipleship or evangelism? Andreas Kostenberger addresses this question in an essay in a new book titled Shepherding God’s Flock. Here isContinue reading “Should I focus on Discipleship or Evangelism?”

Summertime Shepherding (Pt. 2)

Summer is finally here which means that for us college ministry leaders it’s time to step back and take a break right. After all we have been running hard for about nine months, now we get three well-deserved months off. Am I right? Not exactly…. A few weeks ago I shared that this mentality towardsContinue reading “Summertime Shepherding (Pt. 2)”

Summertime Shepherding (Pt. 1)

Ah Summer! Its every college student’s favorite time of the year. No homework, no waking up early for class, no crazy schedule to deal with. All that is on the agenda is late nights and warm beach days. Its the perfect time of year to be a college student, especially if you live in So-Cal.Continue reading “Summertime Shepherding (Pt. 1)”

The Art of Pastoring

A while ago Religion News Service’s Jonathan Merritt ( @JonathanMerritt ) interviewed Eugene Peterson (author of The Message) about pastoral ministry. What Peterson had to say was a refreshing view into the iconic pastor’s life. Here is what Peterson had to say about doing ministry (HT – Christianity Today) : “… Pastoring is not aContinue reading “The Art of Pastoring”

Simple Smallgroups (pt. 5): Pattern 1 – Steps for Connecting Your Own Group

I know its been a LONG time since I posted for this series (two full quarters to be exact)…. but school is almost on break again so here we go! ____________________________________________________ Pattern 1: Connecting (Steps for Your Group) Hey friends, I know it’s been a while since I last posted something to this series. IContinue reading “Simple Smallgroups (pt. 5): Pattern 1 – Steps for Connecting Your Own Group”