Love: Creaturely and Divine

On the fifth week of the 2017 AT Seminar Series Sameer Yadav, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Westmont University, delivered a paper titled “Love: Creaturely and Divine.” In his paper Yadav dealt with Schellenberg’s divine hiddenness argument by providing what could be called a “Plantingian Divine Imaging Defense.” An Overview of “Love: Creaturely andContinue reading “Love: Creaturely and Divine”

Fundamentalists and the “Stupid Sumbitch”

Alvin Plantinga on the pejorative use of the term “Fundamentalist”(via Michael Bird): We must first look into the use of this term ‘fundamentalist’. On the most common contemporary academic use of the term, it is a term of abuse or disapprobation, rather like ‘son of a bitch’, more exactly ‘sonovabitch’, or perhaps still more exactlyContinue reading “Fundamentalists and the “Stupid Sumbitch””