Peter Martyr Vermigli on the Imago Dei

Because I’ve been working on T.F. Torrance’s doctrine of the Imago Dei this quarter I decided to look into the doctrine in the works of several reformers. Of course I’m looking at Calvin but I’m also looking at others like Vermigli, Musculus, Bucer, etc. It’s not always easy to know exactly where to go ifContinue reading “Peter Martyr Vermigli on the Imago Dei”

Priests of Creation and a Dead Mountain Lion

Yesterday I heard some heartbreaking news: P-47, a 3-year-old mountain lion has died in the Santa Monica Mountains after being infected with rat poison. P-47 was one of the largest mountain lion observed in the National Park Services study in Los Angeles. This got me thinking about humanity’s vocation in relation to creation. In studying T.F. TorranceContinue reading “Priests of Creation and a Dead Mountain Lion”

What is the “Image of God?”

In the last few blog posts I shared a bit about how to approach the “image of God” and some of the shared assumptions most theologians have about the doctrine. Now we can finally turn our attention to the meaning of the “image of God” in contemporary theology. This term’s meaning typically falls into oneContinue reading “What is the “Image of God?””

Six Assumptions About The Meaning of the “Imago Dei”

Although there is deep disagreement concerning what being made in the image of God means, most theologians share a common set of assumptions regarding the doctrine. Let me share a few – specifically six – of those assumptions with you. Most theologians agree that the terms in Genesis 1, selem and demut, connote reflection andContinue reading “Six Assumptions About The Meaning of the “Imago Dei””

What’s The Proper Starting Point for Our Theology of the Image of God?

Where do we begin when reflecting upon what it means to be made in the image of God? First, this question assumes that we ought to even reflect upon this question. David Kelsey questions this assumption. He rightly points out that the doctrine is rarely explicitly stated in the Old Testament. In fact, it appears,Continue reading “What’s The Proper Starting Point for Our Theology of the Image of God?”