Do We Worship the Holy Spirit?

I have run into several people across the years who have been very adamant about the notion that as Christians we should not pray to the Holy Spirit, sing to the Holy Spirit, or worship the Holy Spirit. They say that all of our worship/prayer ought to be focused on Father, through Jesus. Are theyContinue reading “Do We Worship the Holy Spirit?”


Matters of the Heart

The head and the heart ought not conflict. Intellectual knowledge ought not conflict with our emotions and sentiments. If Christianity is true then its crazy not to have an emotional response to the truths of our faith.Β  John Wesley wholeheartedly believed that. Fred Sanders explains that Wesley was not anti-intellectual, anti-theological, or anti creedal, butContinue reading “Matters of the Heart”

Why the Church Councils Got it Right

No creed but the Bible. You often hear this coming from the mouths of fundamentalists or ultraconservatives or even people who don’t really understand how creeds work and/or how church councils worked. Of course Scripture is the norming norm. Of course it is our ultimate foundation, but there are other things that help us shapeContinue reading “Why the Church Councils Got it Right”