JETS Volume 58, No. 3

The latest volume of the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society is now out and in it you can find my first published article! (Yay for me!) Here are the contents: COUNTING STARS WITH ABRAHAM AND THE PROPHETS: NEW COVENANT ECCLESIOLOGY IN OT PERSPECTIVE . . . Jason S. Derouchie DAVID V. GOLIATH (1 SAMUELContinue reading “JETS Volume 58, No. 3”

My Forthcoming JETS Paper (Edwards, Trinity, Violence, Covenants, and Feminists)

A few days ago I got word that a paper I wrote on Jonathan Edwards, the Trinity, and violence is going to be published in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological society. Honestly I was quite surprised, I thought the paper was a longshot, but I figured that I might as well turn it inContinue reading “My Forthcoming JETS Paper (Edwards, Trinity, Violence, Covenants, and Feminists)”

Patcum Salutis and Social Contract Theory

Yesterday I went to ETS Far West 2014 and heard several really good papers. Unlike ETS the last few times, there were some really good post discussion conversations. One of my favorite conversations happened after a paper on the Pactum Salutis (covenant of redemption) and subordinationism. A student from Westminster Seminary (California) presented a paperContinue reading “Patcum Salutis and Social Contract Theory”

My Paper for ETS Farwest 2014

This is going to be a busy season for me, In early March I will be presenting a paper on Jonathan Edwards and Latino Theology out at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, then in the middle of March I am going to Liberia to help make prescription glasses for people in rural areas in addition toContinue reading “My Paper for ETS Farwest 2014”