Continental vs. Analytic

A while ago I took some flack for some comments I made about continental philosophy , I wrote that continental philsophy is pseudo-philosophical gobbldy-gook. Well I stand by those words. Apparently Richard Swinburne, the world famous Oxford philosopher of religion feels the same way. Here is what he has to say about the relationship betweenContinue reading “Continental vs. Analytic”

Continental Philosophers are Horrible Writers…

The title tells you exactly how I feel. Most continental philosophy seems incoherent to me, just a bunch of psuedo-philosophical gobbledy gook. Jibberish, pure jibberish. Take for example the following excerpt from Zizek’s The Fragile Absolute: The Event is the impossible Real of a structure, of its synchronous symbolic order, the engendering violent gesture whichContinue reading “Continental Philosophers are Horrible Writers…”