A Rule of Life – Sacred Rhythms

As this year comes to a close I am starting to work on a “Rule of Life.” A “Rule of Life” is simply “intentional pattern of spiritual disciplines that provides structure and direction for growth in holiness. A Rule establishes a rhythm for life in which is helpful for being formed by the Spirit, aContinue reading “A Rule of Life – Sacred Rhythms”

Your Worship Autobiography

Recently, I have been thinking a bit about how our self understanding of our worship experiences over the course of our life shape our current experience with worship. Have you ever wondered about that? When did worship “begin” for you? What traditions, communities and/or individuals nourished (or harmed) your experience of worship? What practices haveContinue reading “Your Worship Autobiography”

I Have Decided To Start Working on a Different Degree…

 Some of you are aware of my journey about how I got involved in Analytic Theology. When I graduated from UCLA in 2010 I knew that I enjoyed doing philosophy, but still had a burden for the mission Dei in my heart. So I figured I should do philosophy of religion that way I couldContinue reading “I Have Decided To Start Working on a Different Degree…”

What is God up to in Younglife Uganda?

I sat there under a large umbrella sipping on my Stoney Tangawizi, aka the strongest ginger ale that will ever grace anyone’s taste buds. Sheltered from the hot Equatorial sun I waited 45 minutes for a man named Simon Peter, whom I had never met. But I was in no rush, I was chilling withContinue reading “What is God up to in Younglife Uganda?”

Training Pastors in Uganda

I mentioned in my last post that I will be going to Africa Renewal University, which is in Kampala, Uganda to teach an MA level Systematic Theology course. Our church has an awesome partnership with the school. We recently helped support 20 Sudanese students as they are working towards their BA in Theology. Its soContinue reading “Training Pastors in Uganda”

I’m Going to Uganda!

It has been 12 long years since my first trip to Uganda, and a lot has changed since then!  Just over a decade ago I had started college at UCLA and began to serve at The Church at Rocky Peak. Now I’ve been married to my beautiful wife Amelia for five years, I’m almost doneContinue reading “I’m Going to Uganda!”

Some Reflections on PhD Life Before Comps, Plus Some Advice

I just entered the third year of my PhD studies. The last three years have been a time of academic, vocational, and ministerial transition. Since I started the program at Fuller Seminary the focus of my studies has not changed significantly. I am still doing research on the same kinds of topics: atonement, Jonathan Edwards,Continue reading “Some Reflections on PhD Life Before Comps, Plus Some Advice”

Domestic Violence, Refugees, and the Imago Dei in John Calvin’s Pastoral Theology

How did John Calvin deal with a massive influx of refugees and cases of domestic violence and maintain pastoral faithfulness? Jesse Gentile and I explore these questions in a new essay titled, “Refocusing the Image: Domestic Violence, Refugees, and the Imago Dei in John Calvin’s Pastoral Theology.” You can find the essay in the latestContinue reading “Domestic Violence, Refugees, and the Imago Dei in John Calvin’s Pastoral Theology”

The Lord is Good (Review)

Christopher Holmes’ book, The Lord is Good: Seeking the God of the Psalter, is a unique book in that Holmes attempts to defend the doctrine of divine simplicity by engaging with the Psalms and the history of their interpretation. Among the people Holmes engages with, Aquinas gets most of the attention. Although this book isContinue reading “The Lord is Good (Review)”

Still Evangelical?

I am the son of two immigrants, my father was Polish and my mother is Guatemalan. I grew up in small Latino churches. I am evangelical. I was on staff at an evangelical megachurch. I am a PhD student at a historically significant evangelical institution. I am also a registered Republican.  It should go withoutContinue reading “Still Evangelical?”