Perennial Virant (Chicago)

Perennial Virant (the other restaurant of Vie’s Paul Virant) is a new American restaurant located across the street from Chicago’s Lincoln Park at the base of the Hotel Lincoln. Virant’s distinctives at Vie are replicated in this Lincoln Park area restaurant. It prides itself in being a farm-to-table type restaurant, meaning that you get theContinue reading “Perennial Virant (Chicago)”

H2O Sushi & Izakaya

Last week I walked into a new sushi bar & Izakaya spot (Izakaya is a type of communal drinking establishment similar to a pub) for lunch.  As you walk into this spot the first thing you note is the customer service. For a mall spot (its in the trendier north end of the Northridge mall)Continue reading “H2O Sushi & Izakaya”

I’m Going Paleo! (At Least For This Review)

All my friends are eating paleo nowadays – well many of them are. Some of them are on Paleo because they are doing intense workouts – Paleo is protein heavy – others are doing it for health reasons – it’s a very clean diet for those who have gastro-intestinal issues – yet others are justContinue reading “I’m Going Paleo! (At Least For This Review)”