I’m Going to Uganda!

It has been 12 long years since my first trip to Uganda, and a lot has changed since then!  Just over a decade ago I had started college at UCLA and began to serve at The Church at Rocky Peak. Now I’ve been married to my beautiful wife Amelia for five years, I’m almost done with my PhD in Theology, I’m teaching at a Christian College, we have a wonderful daughter named Shiloh, and the most recent change is that Amelia and I are having our second child! (Really Amelia is “having” the baby – I’m just trying to be supportive!)

This year I’ve been given a very special opportunity to serve in Africa: a Christian University that trains pastors in Uganda approached me with a need. The school—Africa Renewal University—just started a new Master’s program for pastors, and they need professors who, at the minimum, have PhD Candidacy. When the president of the university approached me with the need I was immediately excited. After working with college students Rocky Peak I have been trying to process God’s call on my life. The 12487292_10207190080862950_2668944689785593214_oimage that comes to my mind when I think about my call is that of a person who equips others. Matthew 13:52 has been especially dear to me. On this trip I will get to equip pastors from all over East Africa to share the gospel and equip their churches. My class will even include pastors from war-torn Sudan! This school is crucial to the future of so many ministers in Uganda. One of the greatest needs in Uganda is education, and this school provides that for numerous pastors and leaders.

I will be leaving for Uganda on May 17th. I will be teaching a week long class, then the college and young adult ministry from Rocky Peak will join me on May 27th. The team will return June 4th. While there we will help the local church plant a new church near the local public university.

As you know, I have a huge heart for Uganda and the churches over there. This will actually be my fifth time going and I am very excited to return to this country which holds such a special place in my heart!

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As I prepare to go to Uganda I really need your help. You can get involved and help me out in a few ways:

  1. I need your prayer support! This is actually the most important part. Pray for the team and I, that the Gospel would be heard, and that we may be able to make an impact in the Ugandan’s lives. Pray for the students going on this trip, as for many of them it will be their first mission trip and first time out of the country. Pray for the pastors who will be trained. Pray for me as I teach these pastors. And pray for my family back home.
  2. I would like to ask for your financial support. The cost for the entire trip is $3,000 per person. This includes airfare, accommodations, and in country travel. The funds will be accepted up until the team’s departure on May 27th. This is your chance to go on this trip vicariously through me. You can send me as you representative!


I honestly believe that the training of pastors in Uganda will make a huge impact on Africa for years to come. I can’t wait to see what God is doing to do through this trip! So please prayerfully consider how you can partner with me and the team in getting the gospel out in Uganda. Thank you very much for any financial support that you can give, remember no amount is too small or unappreciated! Please make your checks out to “Rocky Peak” and write “Uganda” in the memo section. You can give electronically by following this link: https://rockypeak.infellowship.com/UserLogin/Index?ReturnUrl=%2fForms%2f416931  


Chris Woznicki


If I am not able to participate in this trip, your contribution will still be used for this outreach. If the trip is cancelled, your contribution will be used for other mission purposes at the discretion of church leadership.  Because of restrictions in the Internal Revenue Code, Rocky Peak is unable to return this contribution for any reason.  Thank you for understanding and for your heart to support the spreading of the Good News through Rocky Peak’s mission’s ministry.


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Chris Woznicki is an Assistant Adjunct Professor of Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. He works as the regional training associate for the Los Angeles region of Young Life.

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