Books Read in 2016

At the end of each the year I put out the list of books I have read that year. Usually they consist ofย a lot of theology books, followed up by a good chunk of philosophy books, and a few fiction books thrown in. In 2013 I read 106 books. In 2014 I read 87 books. In 2015 I read ย 88 books. This year, my numbers went down drastically. However, that was mainly because I was in school again, reading lots of journals and book chapters, and writing a whole bunch. The numbers also dropped because I stopped reading at the gym. My workouts sort of changed (became more intense) so I no longer read while doing cardio. Anyway, this year’s total is 52 book. That’s one per week!


Books Read in 2016 = 52!


  1. Systematic Theology Volume 1 โ€“ Wolfhart Pannenberg
  2. Experiences in Theology โ€“ Jurgen Moltmann
  3. The Nature of Doctrine โ€“ George Lindbeck
  4. The Nature of Confession โ€“ Phillips & Okholm


  1. Beyond Foundationalism โ€“ Grenz & Francke
  2. The Drama of Doctrine โ€“ Kevin Vanhoozer
  3. Black Theology of Liberation โ€“ James Cone
  4. Models of God โ€“ Sally McFague
  5. Introducing Radical Orthodoxy โ€“ James K.A. Smith


  1. Analytic Theology โ€“ Crisp & Rae
  2. An Invitation to Analytic Christian Theology โ€“ Thomas McCall
  3. Four Views on Hell โ€“ Preston Sprinkle
  4. Strong and Weak โ€“ Andy Crouch
  5. The Problem of Hell โ€“ Jonathan Kvanvig
  6. Hell: The Logic of Damnation โ€“ Jerry Walls


  1. Gaining by Losing โ€“ J.D. Greear
  2. The Unfolding Mystery โ€“ Edmund Clowney
  3. Jonathan Edwards Among the Theologians โ€“ Oliver Crisp
  4. Sacrifice and Atonement โ€“ Stephen Finlan


  1. Knowledge and Christian Belief โ€“ Alvin Plantinga
  2. Living on the Devilโ€™s Doorstep โ€“ Floyd McClung
  3. How I Changed My Mind About Evolution โ€“ Stump and Applegate
  4. The Trinity Among the Nations: The Doctrine of God in the Majority World โ€“ Gene Green, Stephen Pardue, K.K. Yeo


  1. Prodigal God โ€“ Tim Keller
  2. The Father Heart of God โ€“ Floyd McClung
  3. Epistemology: Becoming Intellectually Virtuous โ€“ W. Jay Wood
  4. The Pastor Theologian โ€“ Gerald Heistand & Todd Wilson
  5. Reading Romans in Context โ€“ Ben Blackwell, John Goodrich, and Jason Matson
  6. You are What You Love โ€“ James K.A. Smith


  1. The Claim of Humanity in Christ โ€“ Alexandra Radcliff
  2. The Lost Letters of Pergamum โ€“ Bruce Longenecker

Lost Track of Dates

  1. Writings on Pastoral Piety โ€“ John Calvin (ed. McKee)
  2. Calvin and the Consolidation of the Genevan Reformation โ€“ William Naphy
  3. Infant Baptism in Reformation Genega โ€“ Karen Spierling
  4. Calvinโ€™s Ladder: A Spiritual Theology of Ascent and Ascension โ€“ Julie Canlis
  5. America at the Crossroads โ€“ George Barna
  6. The Uncontrolling Love of God โ€“ Thomas Oord
  7. Pentecostal Outpourings โ€“ ed. Robert Smart, Michael Haykin, and Ian Clary
  8. Crossing Cultures in Scripture โ€“ Marvin Newell
  9. Rational Faith โ€“ Stephen Evans
  10. What is Reformed Theology โ€“ R.C. Sproul
  11. Judaism Before Jesus โ€“ Anthony Tomasino
  12. Reordering the Trinity โ€“ Rodrick Durst
  13. Delighting in the Trinity โ€“ Michael Reeves


  1. A Little Handbook for Preachers โ€“ Mary Hulst
  2. Love Henri: Letters on the Spiritual Life โ€“ Henri Nouwen
  3. Christological Anthropology in Historical Perspective โ€“ Marc Cortez


  1. The Vulnerable Pastor โ€“ Mandy Smith
  2. Serving a Movement โ€“ Timothy Keller
  3. Saving Calvinism โ€“ Oliver Crisp
  4. Paulโ€™s New Perspective โ€“ Garwood Anderson
  5. Soul Keeping โ€“ John Ortberg

7 thoughts on “Books Read in 2016

  1. How did you like Pastoral Piety? I have wanted to do book lists like this myself, but have only ended up doing one book list, and it was a top 10 books. Check out that list and see if you have read them.

    Also, how many novels do you read?
    Keep reading.

    1. Pastoral Piety was a really helfpul book, I used it for a class on Calvin I was in, and it had fantastic excerpts from Calvin’s works.

      As far as novels go… sadly I don’t read too many. I know I should read more though!

  2. Do you not use a Kindle ? you can carry thousands of books in your pocket and save a lot of space and if your really worried about losing them download onto a hard drive. Compared to me you lead a very intense life; cardio so violent you can’t read! I don’t read much theology for two reasons : I prefer novels they seem more real and much of theology is just too deep. I occasionally read the King James Bible mainly the New Testament.

    1. I do use a kindle sometimes, but I prefer physical books. Yes my cardio is a little too intense to read at the same time. If I am on a stationary bike I will occasionally read, but mostly I am now running outdoors, so it doesn’t work.

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