Satan Hates Sex!

God loves sex. Satan hates it.

You probably think that I have got things backwards – the enemy loves sex, because it’s the downfall of so many relationships (and non-relationships)…. Broken hearts, abuse, deviancy, pain, are all things that people experience in sex – how could the enemy not love it! But he does hate it. The enemy hates sex. The enemy hates it because it is God’s creation – God’s love for us, pleasure towards us, and desire to give us great gifts are all expressed through sex. Sex is a divine gift given to us. Sex points us to a deep relationship, deeper than any other relationship we can have with people, in which body and soul enter into pure intimacy. Sex is also a connective link into what it means to worship. Worship is expressed in awe and gratitude. When we have sex, the way its meant to be, the result is that we are amazed by God’s goodness. We are amazed by a gift that we could not create on our own or deserve as if we earned it. So, God loves sex.

God Loves Sex combines, psychological insight, a fictional narrative, and biblical scholarship on Song of Solomon. Dan Allender and Tremper offer a fantastic summary of this biblical book:

As we have observed from the Start, the Song of Songs is not a narrative with a plot that has a beginning, middle, and end. It does not tell a single story. The Song is a collection of love poems, though these love poems serve a common purpose and thus have an organic and coherent feel to them. The common purpose is first to celebrate physical intimacy, but there is also the warning that love is risky and not easily experienced. (149)

As Allender and Longman use Song of Solomon (Longman’s area of expertise) and psychological insight (Allender’s areas of expertise) with a good dose of fiction mixed in (the story of a small group on sex) the authors explore what the Bible really says about sexual desire and sexual intimacy. Here are a few things they cover, just to name a few:

  1. The Nature of Desire
  2. The Intrigue of Beauty
  3. Fantasy and Sexual Play
  4. Struggles Toward Intimacy
  5. The Glory of Sex
  6. Marriage

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the book – the fictional narrative was very entertaining and Longman’s interpretation of Song of Solomon was thorough, aware of the most recent scholarship, but at the same time not too academic (perfect for this book’s audience). This book does a fantastic job of recovering the beauty and intimacy of sex. It reminds us that God really does love sex, and as followers of Christ we should too. In fact, as followers of Christ we need to makes sure that we are experiencing the fullness of the gift of sex as God intended us to have it.

The Song of Solomon refers to sex in a garden quite a bit – its probably a hint towards the glory of sex in the Garden of Eden.

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Chris Woznicki is an Assistant Adjunct Professor of Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. He works as the regional training associate for the Los Angeles region of Young Life.

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