NIV Application Commentaries on Sale for Just $4.99

The entire NIV Application Commentary series is on sale at $4.99 per volume!

When preaching, after I turn to exegetical commentaries, I like to turn to commentaries that blend exegesis with clear application. Recently I have been using the “Story of God” commentary series edited by Scot McKnight, but one classic series that fits this model is the NIV Application Commentary series. I highly recomend this series, it belends exegesis + historical bacgkround + application + theology really well. And right now, the series is on sale for $4.99 per kindle edition. You can’t pass this deal up! (HT:  The Cross Quoter)

Here are some of the best commentaries in the series.

Genesis – by John Walton
Deuteronomy – by Daniel Block
Judges/Ruth – by K. Lawson Younger
1 & 2 Chronicles – by Andrew Hill
Esther – by Karen Jobes
Ecclesiastes/Song of Songs – by Iain Proven
Isaiah – by John Oswalt
Jeremiah/Lamentations – by Andrew Dearman
Ezekiel – by Iain Duguid
Daniel – by Tremper Longman

Mark – by David Garland
Luke – by Darrell Bock
Romans – by Douglas Moo
1 Corinthians – by Craig Blomberg
Philippians – by Frank Thielman
Colossians, Philemon – by David Garland
Hebrews – by George Guthrie
2 Peter/Jude – by Douglas Moo
Revelation – by Craig Keener

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