NIV Application Commentaries on Sale for Just $4.99

The entire NIV Application Commentary series is on sale at $4.99 per volume!

When preaching, after I turn to exegetical commentaries, I like to turn to commentaries that blend exegesis with clear application. Recently I have been using the “Story of God” commentary series edited by Scot McKnight, but one classic series that fits this model is the NIV Application Commentary series. I highly recomend this series, it belends exegesis + historical bacgkround + application + theology really well. And right now, the series is on sale for $4.99 per kindle edition. You can’t pass this deal up! (HT:  The Cross Quoter)

Here are some of the best commentaries in the series.

Genesis – by John Walton
Deuteronomy – by Daniel Block
Judges/Ruth – by K. Lawson Younger
1 & 2 Chronicles – by Andrew Hill
Esther – by Karen Jobes
Ecclesiastes/Song of Songs – by Iain Proven
Isaiah – by John Oswalt
Jeremiah/Lamentations – by Andrew Dearman
Ezekiel – by Iain Duguid
Daniel – by Tremper Longman

Mark – by David Garland
Luke – by Darrell Bock
Romans – by Douglas Moo
1 Corinthians – by Craig Blomberg
Philippians – by Frank Thielman
Colossians, Philemon – by David Garland
Hebrews – by George Guthrie
2 Peter/Jude – by Douglas Moo
Revelation – by Craig Keener

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Christ Follower. PhD Student in Systematic Theology at Fuller Seminary. UCLA Philosophy Grad. Former college minister at The Church at Rocky Peak. I'm into theology, philosophy, the Gospels, culture, and mission.

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