Exposed – We Are All Messed Up!

Yesterday we talked about “Masks” and how we put them on to hide from ourselves, from God, and especially from other people. In a sense Everyday is Halloween. So over the next few days I am going to offer you three things you need to do to get past the fear of taking off your mask. Today I offer you the first step to taking off your mask…

Realize Everyone Else is a Mess Too!

Put on that Happy Mask and pretend its all OK!
Put on that Happy Mask and pretend its all OK! You are guaranteed to feel happy or your money back guaranteed!


I’m a mess – you are a mess – we are all messes okay? We all struggle with stuff – we all battle sin. That is why Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 10:13:

No temptation has seized you except what is common to man.

If you are struggling with something – chances are somebody else you know is struggling too. Here is a silly example: The other day somebody came to me and said that they always feel bad during worship and I asked them why?

“It really looks like you are into worship everytime… It seems like you are really enjoying yourself.”

 And they replied –

Yeah sometimes…. When I worship I don’t feel as mature as everyone else.

I feel like everyone is so spiritual and focused on God during worship.

But every time we worship I can’t stop thinking about things I really shouldn’t be thinking about.

 And I ask – “So what are you thinking about…”

Cheesburgers – they reply

And I’m like NO WAY – Me too!

That’s silly – but its real – chances are somebody is struggling with the same thing you are; whether that is some addiction or thoughts of burgers – there is somebody out there, probably somebody you know that is trying to hide the same exact things you are trying to hide.

So you need to realize that everyone has something they are hiding – everyone is a mess.

Published by cwoznicki

Christ Follower. PhD Student in Systematic Theology at Fuller Seminary. UCLA Philosophy Grad. Former college minister at The Church at Rocky Peak. I'm into theology, philosophy, the Gospels, culture, and mission.

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