The Cross and the Problem of Evil

Its Holy Week. On Tuesday I shared some reflections on the role that Gethsemane plays in our religious epistemology. Today is Maunday Thursday – the day we commemorate Jesus’ last supper with the Apostles.  On this Maunday Thursday I want to share what James S. Stewart has to say about the Cross and the problem of evil. I hope its encouraging.

The Cross was the problem of evil at its worst… the most terrifying triumph of sheer, naked evil. And yet it was that… very stuff of sin which God has chosen to be the vehicle of his mightiest act of love. It is there, where sin has confidently proclaimed its supreme and final victory, that God has achieved sin’s uttermost defeat. That is why Christian faith takes it stand at the Cross, and will triumph there…

When you have seen the Cross you have seen God taking the worst that earth could do, and out of it fashioning the best that Heaven could bestow. You have seen Him taking “the hour and power of darkness” and making it victoriously the hour and power of light. After that there can be no situation too difficult for God to handle, no irreparable disaster, no crown of thorns that He can’t twist into a crown of glory. (Faith and the Strain of Life, 1969)


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Chris Woznicki is an Assistant Adjunct Professor of Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. He works as the regional training associate for the Los Angeles region of Young Life.

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