Best Valentine’s Day Tweets

I love valentines day! Not because I love the holiday itself, but because it generated some really good tweets. Two of the best Valentine’s day hashtags were #ActivistPickupLines and #AcademicValetines.  Now that V-Day is officailly over here are some of the best tweets from those two hashtags.

Activist Pickup Lines

  1. I’d invite you over to my place, but I don’t believe in private property. #ActivistPickupLines – @SamWieseyes
  2. Would you like to redistribute resources by taking me out to dinner? #ActivistPickupLines – @Suey_Park
  3.  If you’re asking for action, my answer is affirmative. #ActivistPickupLines  – @ReadJerome
  4. I don’t mean to drone on and on but you made a strategic strike straight to my heart. #ActivistPickupLines – @drJ512
  5. Girl—sorry, girl is belittling. Woman—too patriarchal. And sorry I assumed you identify as female. I’ll just go. #ActivistPickupLines – @heretichusband

The Best #ActivistPickupLines is ……

If I said your body was subject to pernicious, patriarchal, media-constructed scrutiny, would you hold it against me?#ActivistPickupLines – @Geecologist

Academic Valentine’s

  1. “I’ve never seen bell curves as wonderful as yours.” #AcademicValentines – @ComDoc_H
  2. You spin me right round, baby right round Like a centrifuge #AcademicValentines – @SanaBau
  3. Do you believe in love at first cite? #AcademicValentines – @ExileonWainSt
  4. My love letter for you was vigorously peer reviewed #AcademicValentines – @tmsRuge
  5. Would you like to be my *p<0.05 other? #Academicvalentines – @babyattachmode

The Best #AcademicValentines is ……

How do I love thee? Let me deconstruct the ways. #AcademicValentines-@tumbulwead

And as a bonus here is a theological Valentine’s Day card… (via @eerdmansbooks)

Luther Valentine's Day


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Chris Woznicki is an Assistant Adjunct Professor of Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. He works as the regional training associate for the Los Angeles region of Young Life.

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